Victoria’s Secret is you don’t have to pay her…

Welcome once again and here’s some more Debt Removal Proof.

A happy lady client of mine was kind enough to allow a photo of her debt removal mail from Victoria’s Secret when she shared her outcome that got this account off her credit report.

Victorias Secret Debt Removal ProofWhen you ask them to remove an errant notation and they accept – it’s all about asking the right way so you get this kind of outcome. Do they say in writing exactly what you want to hear? Not exactly usually but it does get the account of the credit report and that is most important. Removal of the debt is paramount and allows you to get on with your life with great credit.

Isn’t it time you stacked up your proof, cleared your debt and got your credit rating flying high? Think of how many women you know that would like to get this kind of letter from Victoria’s Secret in a nice happy pink envelope. I know she liked it better than all the things she got with the credit card they gave her, well almost.

Isn’t it time you cleaned up your debt and got a happy note from your lenders?