Seeing through the fog

In today’s issue, we’re going to focus on S-I-M-P-L-E.

I’d like to simplify something that is so complex, most people go through their lives being ruled by it unnecessarily.

But first…

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Back to this idea of “simple.”

Please print out the paragraph below and post it somewhere so you can read it over and over again until it sinks in. This is my summary of the situation we find ourselves in. It is my telling of the sequence of events that led us to TODAY.

It is short, it is direct, it’s SIMPLE.

If you truly GET this, you will realize what an illusion our current reality is. Slavery was never abolished, it just changed. And most of the people out there are blindly living as slaves without even knowing it. They FEEL it, they just don’t yet understand it.

I’m here to change that. The debt relief work is just one part of that mission. So read this carefully, slowly, as many times as you need:

People existed. People created the states which are nothing more than management companies. These 50 management companies created a subcontractor management company they all share called the federal government. How does a subcontractor management company tell the general management company what to do? And how does a “management company” tell its shareholders what to do?

Never forget that in this situation, YOU have the power. It is gifted to us from our Creator, but it wasn’t gifted to a company, it was gifted to YOU a human.

You don’t ask for permission to use it, you just claim it, because it’s YOURS.

It’s time to see through the fog. It’s time to wake-up. Are you awake yet?

Jack McCaig

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