No Note No Debt – Guaranteed

Removing your debt is possible for anyone.

What makes this possible?

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act or FDCPA.  This is a part of the United States code.  That is commonly referred to as Federal Law.  Part of this law states that anyone can use this law at the state level in state courts and doesn’t have to use federal courts to apply the law.

The least expensive way for a consumer to apply this law in court is at small claims court.  With our free filing method included in the debt removal package, it becomes essentially free to enforce a violation of the FDCPA at small claims to collect the $1,000 FDCPA violation for not validating the debt.

How to validate the debt?  Only original paperwork will be validation.  Why?  Think of it this way, you can’t go copy as many copies of a $20 to pay your bills as you would only have to pay the copy fees to make money.  The FDCPA is the same for lenders and their financial instruments of all kinds like your signed promise to pay.  They have to have the original signed paperwork or they are not owed anything.

Since every “loan” is simply an exchange of your signed paperwork for original dollars at the federal reserve, the federal reserve has your originals and never the bank who was only an intermediary and loaned nothing.  Banks simply exchanged your signed paperwork for dollars.

What does that mean to the consumer?  No note no debt.  When you use our system you prove the bank owes you $1,000 and you owe them nothing.  Now it’s time force them to remove the debt.

Let us help you get this process right and guarantee your results.

Remove any debt, guaranteed, right here.

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