The Debt Shutdown Method

In this week’s newsletter, I want to highlight a project I released not long ago called the Shutdown Method.

I put this together and am distributing it for free to help with the situation out in Standing Rock. It can be used for a lot of different situations, and you can also learn a lot from it in terms of enforcement of your attempts to validate your debt.

Read the page carefully and download the paperwork to review.

Understand that you can have all of the best information there is, but in the end, it comes down to enforcement. If you’re in the right, how do you enforce it against people who think they own you? That’s pretty much the question.

And that’s really the important part of that page. So study it, there’s a lot there.

Next up, a lesson I’ve learned in this work:

There is nothing more satisfying than providing useful service to others.

When I started doing this debt relief work, from the back of my car (which was my house!), I never thought it would snowball in the way it has been growing.

Frankly, I just wanted to get out of my mess. And then, once I saw that a solution was possible, I realized that using it in service to others was the way to go.

From there, amazing things have happened. The journey has not been without its challenges, of course. When you’re doing things the “powers that be” would rather you NOT be doing, you’re bound to attract some attention.

But there is truth and there is the absence of truth. And I’m on the side of spreading truth. So there’s no other option for me.

Jack McCaig

Seeing through the fog

In today’s issue, we’re going to focus on S-I-M-P-L-E.

I’d like to simplify something that is so complex, most people go through their lives being ruled by it unnecessarily.

But first…

THANK YOU to all who offered their support for my new book, Debt Deception. Amazon allowed me to give it away for the past five days. It was downloaded almost 650 times! We’re working on making it free again. For now, it’s $.99 to download to your Kindle or computer.

Right now, we have five 5-star reviews, which is awesome! If you’ve read the book and would like to leave a review please take a moment right now and write one here. You will be directly helping to spread the message that can free people from debt.


We’re focusing on helping to document and spread the stories of success that our clients have been having with our debt relief process. If you’ve had success and would be willing to record a VIDEO testimonial for us to spread around, you can visit this page and record one quickly from your phone or computer.


Back to this idea of “simple.”

Please print out the paragraph below and post it somewhere so you can read it over and over again until it sinks in. This is my summary of the situation we find ourselves in. It is my telling of the sequence of events that led us to TODAY.

It is short, it is direct, it’s SIMPLE.

If you truly GET this, you will realize what an illusion our current reality is. Slavery was never abolished, it just changed. And most of the people out there are blindly living as slaves without even knowing it. They FEEL it, they just don’t yet understand it.

I’m here to change that. The debt relief work is just one part of that mission. So read this carefully, slowly, as many times as you need:

People existed. People created the states which are nothing more than management companies. These 50 management companies created a subcontractor management company they all share called the federal government. How does a subcontractor management company tell the general management company what to do? And how does a “management company” tell its shareholders what to do?

Never forget that in this situation, YOU have the power. It is gifted to us from our Creator, but it wasn’t gifted to a company, it was gifted to YOU a human.

You don’t ask for permission to use it, you just claim it, because it’s YOURS.

It’s time to see through the fog. It’s time to wake-up. Are you awake yet?

Jack McCaig

What is a citizen?

We’re taking this in bite-sized pieces so I don’t leave anyone behind.

Here’s a simple one for today. I’m going to give you the definition of a citizen. Remember this the next time you hear someone use that word. Chances are, they’ll be using the wrong definition.

A citizen is a status of a corporate entity. It is a status applied to your “person.”

Click here to watch the video.

And please, help spread the word about our method to the people you care about.

Jack McCaig

What is a person?

I have decided to make my work more exactly how to beat the matrix and sync all the pieces together. Let’s start with the basics and build up.

So let’s start at the beginning. Today’s let’s start with a very simple concept that most of the people you know don’t understand.

I want to make sure YOU understand it. Because while it’s actually quite simple, the implications of NOT GETTING THIS can be huge for you.

What is a “person?”
Watch the video and I’ll explain it.

With all of the information we produce, we teach you, the human, how to operate your person correctly.

You either learn how to control your person or it will end up controlling you.

Stay tuned, I have a lot more coming…

Jack McCaig

Delete Student Loans Forever

Not a week goes by where we don’t get questions about whether or not the Debt Relief process works with student loans.

Today, I’d like to show you a letter I received from our client, Benjamin, that shows you this process can work with student loans:

Benjamin’s “debt” couldn’t be validated, so it was removed.

Now I can’t in good conscience guarantee it will work every time. That’s why we offer a refund policy that tries to make that as clear as possible. While we simply can’t guarantee results, we are happy to guarantee YOUR satisfaction with our package. That’s something we can control.

Student Loan Debt Removal Proof

To be frank, this probably won’t be as simple as other types of debt. The student loan folks tend to put up more resistance. But the process is the same because the situation is the same.

We’re simply requesting validation of the debt. And when it can’t be validated, it has to be removed.

We’re in the process of expanding that package and we should be done in the next few weeks… on or about the 15th of November.

At that point, the package will only be available for probably $199. So if you’ve been looking for a good reason to get started on this process, hopefully I just gave you one.

It’s empowering to see this work.

You can read all about the package here.
See you next week.

Jack McCaig

No Note No Debt – Guaranteed

Removing your debt is possible for anyone.

What makes this possible?

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act or FDCPA.  This is a part of the United States code.  That is commonly referred to as Federal Law.  Part of this law states that anyone can use this law at the state level in state courts and doesn’t have to use federal courts to apply the law.

The least expensive way for a consumer to apply this law in court is at small claims court.  With our free filing method included in the debt removal package, it becomes essentially free to enforce a violation of the FDCPA at small claims to collect the $1,000 FDCPA violation for not validating the debt.

How to validate the debt?  Only original paperwork will be validation.  Why?  Think of it this way, you can’t go copy as many copies of a $20 to pay your bills as you would only have to pay the copy fees to make money.  The FDCPA is the same for lenders and their financial instruments of all kinds like your signed promise to pay.  They have to have the original signed paperwork or they are not owed anything.

Since every “loan” is simply an exchange of your signed paperwork for original dollars at the federal reserve, the federal reserve has your originals and never the bank who was only an intermediary and loaned nothing.  Banks simply exchanged your signed paperwork for dollars.

What does that mean to the consumer?  No note no debt.  When you use our system you prove the bank owes you $1,000 and you owe them nothing.  Now it’s time force them to remove the debt.

Let us help you get this process right and guarantee your results.

Remove any debt, guaranteed, right here.

Something new for you…

I just got done creating something new for you.

Step 1 in the work I do is to help people free themselves from “debt.” All commercial debts are collected illegally. The work I do SHOWS that, and walks you through what you can do about it.

Once that’s done, the next step is to build the credit of your person. How do you do that?

Well, I created an answer for you.

Take a look.

Jack McCaig

Victoria’s Secret is you don’t have to pay her…

Welcome once again and here’s some more Debt Removal Proof.

A happy lady client of mine was kind enough to allow a photo of her debt removal mail from Victoria’s Secret when she shared her outcome that got this account off her credit report.

Victorias Secret Debt Removal ProofWhen you ask them to remove an errant notation and they accept – it’s all about asking the right way so you get this kind of outcome. Do they say in writing exactly what you want to hear? Not exactly usually but it does get the account of the credit report and that is most important. Removal of the debt is paramount and allows you to get on with your life with great credit.

Isn’t it time you stacked up your proof, cleared your debt and got your credit rating flying high? Think of how many women you know that would like to get this kind of letter from Victoria’s Secret in a nice happy pink envelope. I know she liked it better than all the things she got with the credit card they gave her, well almost.

Isn’t it time you cleaned up your debt and got a happy note from your lenders?

We just beat Walmart!

Happy Day!! to all you debt removal experts and soon to be experts.

Proof up or shut up. That is the mantra of a debt remover.

Why? Because all debt collected must have proof to be legally collected.

Why is this important? Because no lenders have proof and they are all subject legally to producing that proof or their collection activities are illegal.

This means all banks, credit unions, government lenders, IRS, student loans, credit cards, mortgages, car loans, on and on. You get the idea.

This recent letter from Walmart to Jack/John McCaig was in response to the my debt removal package first mailing.

Proof up or shut up. Apply this method to all and all liars will not have proof.

That is why I post my proof all the time and client’s proof all the time.

John McCaig Debt Removal Proof

My debt relief package has helped thousands of others remove their debt.

Please email your questions and I will get to them each as quickly as I can.

God bless your success,
Jack McCaig

PS: Thanks to recent tech assistance I will be getting out emails regularly to subscribers and keep you up to date.

PSS: Thanks so much for your support, so we can serve you as you remove your debt.